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Site Dedicated to the Convertible (Cabrio) model of BMW's E-30 range built between 1987-1992.
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Welcome to my Web site!

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Photo Album


This is a 1990 325IC with 92,000 miles. I live in Southern California so this is the ideal car for the beautiful weather we have here. The previous owner added the 17" TSW EVO wheels and I replaced the tires with 205's. It also came with an Eibach suspension kit which is great for going fast around corners. I have installed the aftermarket armrest, very comfortable for highway driving, and I have installed a performance chip which is great too. I love the color combination of blue and silver, this seems to be an unusual color combination so I am always on the look out for similar cars.

Other Owners Cars

    If you send me a picture of your car I will add it here. You can send a photo over the net or send me a real photo and I can scan it for you.


  Ken - CA  Andrew-CA Paul - Puerto Rico

Neil-HI David -CA Martin -CO

Tricia-TX Mike-FLAMark-NY Jon-VA Jon-NY Rolph-B.C.

Lino-TX Jeff_KY Chris-NC


photo.1.jpg (85452 bytes) David S.Cphoto.2.jpg (25903 bytes) Mike

top_dwn_side.jpg (78139 bytes)  Vincent-Mount Vernon New York


Adrian-D joerg-D Wil-NL

Jon-UK Peter-UK Abe-S

Nik-D Alex-P   samuel.jpg (155049 bytes) Samuel- Belguim