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Site Dedicated to the Convertible (Cabrio) model of BMW's E-30 range built between 1987-1992.
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Welcome to my Web site!

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BMW Links

smal_carros.gif (1631 bytes)    car.gif (2671 bytes)  BMW E30 Cabrio Club - This is a site set up in Yahoo clubs, Hopefully it can be used as a registry and a good place to just talk about cars. Includes a message board and chat site.


smal_carros.gif (1631 bytes)  Bmlogob.gif (1578 bytes)   BMW E-30 Network - Gus Melo's site . Without doubt the best E-30 site on the web. Message Board, Technical information, E-30 Registry, and so much more.                 

smal_carros.gif (1631 bytes) Bmlogop.gif (1604 bytes)    BMW Car Club Of America - Excellent site a huge club. Monthly news letter and events all around the U.S.A. Well worth joining for the magazine alone.

smal_carros.gif (1631 bytes) Bmlogog.gif (1581 bytes) L.A. Chapter of the BMW CCA - Great Site with lots of good events and meetings. Has a message board and it's own monthly newsletter "The Bomb".

smal_carros.gif (1631 bytes)  Bmlogor.gif (1581 bytes)    Ben Liaws Big BMW Link Page - More Links than you thought were possible. Hundreds of BMW Links, a good way to waste an afternoon searching through so much information.

smal_carros.gif (1631 bytes)   small_alpina_emblem.gif (1317 bytes) Tino's German e30 site   German Language site with excellent photos. Lots of information and tuning and sports modifications.

smal_carros.gif (1631 bytes)  Bmlogob.gif (1578 bytes)E30 Parts Warehouse - Excellent source for Used Parts and Used Cars. Run by an enthusiast for enthusiasts. Recommended.

smal_carros.gif (1631 bytes)  Bmlogop.gif (1604 bytes)  Traderonline -See what Cars are For Sale in your area.

smal_carros.gif (1631 bytes) Bmlogog.gif (1581 bytes)   Bimmerworld - Great source for used parts friendly and efficient service.

smal_carros.gif (1631 bytes)  Bmlogor.gif (1581 bytes)   World Upholstery - Specializing in Soft Tops, Carpets, and Trim. Excellent quality and service.

smal_carros.gif (1631 bytes)  small_alpina_emblem.gif (1317 bytes)   Bavarian Autosport - Excellent source for anything BMW.

smal_carros.gif (1631 bytes)  Bmlogob.gif (1578 bytes)  Erubuni Aerodynamics - Lots of cool spoilers and body aerodynamics and excellent prices.

smal_carros.gif (1631 bytes)  Bmlogop.gif (1604 bytes)  BMW 325i UK- Interesting page about the E-30 . Sells some interesting stuff like the color dials for you car.

smal_carros.gif (1631 bytes)  Bmlogog.gif (1581 bytes) HARD TOPS - British company selling Hard Tops for your car.

smal_carros.gif (1631 bytes)Bmlogor.gif (1581 bytes) BMWWORLD -The Ultimate Site for the Ultimate Car.


                    Non BMW Sites


      Babel Fish Translation Program - Excellent program ,it will translate websites to different languages, German French, Spanish and Italian. Download it onto your computer it is well worth it , plus it is free.

     USGS Terraserver Maps - Photographs from space, you can see you own home from a mile up or see famous landmarks from space very interesting.

      EarthCam -  Live web cams around the world . Check the weather in Sydney, London most places in the world . Some live traffic cams which is great entertainment.

      Live WebCam Ring - see how is the local bar or see people in there own homes (if you are into that kind of thing) or just watch a live show of an aquarium or someone's pet mouse in it's cage.